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A Speech and Language advisor works closely with us to ensure words are chosen that encourage the audience to grasp the sounds needed for each stage of speech development.

Hey guys, can’t tell you how great this animation is! I have a just gone 2 year old and 6 month old they both love it, the 6 month old literally stops what he’s doing and laughs his head off at yakka!
My 2 year old, is a little slower than others his age with talking he’s been improving leaps and bounds lately but he will actually repeat Yakka Dee faster than he would repeat me.
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My little girl loves this program she has learnt so many words since it’s been on x

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My son is two and a half and has been a reluctant talker. He absolutely LOVES Yakka Dee, we have sky+’d the lot to have on hand whenever he demands. He has been using so many more words with confidence and clearer, and lots more adjectives!

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